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Cookies are strings of information sent by a website and stored in the browser, which the website uses to remember the user. To learn more about what cookies are visit the following wikipedia article: uses technical and analytical cookies to collect usage statistics that help in improving the website and are completely optional for users who can disable them by configuring your browser settings without any deterioration of the user experience when visiting the web.

When accessing for the first time to the web if your browser has the functionality to store cookies you will be notified of the use of cookies by a notice at the bottom of the page and will have the option to accept or deny its use. On the other hand, if your browser has this functionality disabled, the website will not use any cookies.

The cookies used by are described and detailed below.

  • Technical Cookies: These cookies, although optional, the website will always try to use them since they only use anonymous data and do not require acceptance by the user. They are those that begin with the name "cookie_notice", are used to store indefinitely your preferences in terms of cookies.

  • Analytical cookies: These cookies are also optional and will only be used if the user clicks on the accept cookies button in the notification. The cookies are _ga, _gat, _gid, are served by Google Analytics, a third party service that assigns each user an anonymous identifier based on the characteristics of the browser to know where, how and when the user has accessed the website and thus be able to improve the user experience through statistical analysis.

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Privacy policy of

Although on "" the user does not have the possibility to register or to participate in the editing of content of any kind, causing that by visiting the site the user can leave personal data, for security reasons we store in our records the ip address of the user which can be considered a private data.

For this reason we at "" cooperate with international data protection regulations, in particular the "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" of the European Union and the "California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)" of the United States.

  • Data that we store that may be private.
    The following data is stored for a period of 12 months.
    • ip address
    • date and time of access
    • requested resource
    • user agent of the browser
    This data is essential for us to provide service and if for any reason any of this data is missing it will be considered a security breach and access to "" will be denied.
  • Your rights over the data we store.
    You have the right to access and delete personal data that we have stored about you for the past 12 months.
  • How to exercise your rights.
    To exercise your rights you must make a verifiable request to us. Since we do not have the ability to verify that you are the owner of a particular ip address, you should contact the regulatory body in your country, with which we will be happy to cooperate. You can then send your request by e-mail to, and we will respond within a shorter period of time than your data is stored.

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